Ganoderma Benefit

Ganoderma Benefit
Red mushroom or mushrooms or truffle scientific name is called Ganoderma In China (Rishi).
The mushrooms of the best health beneficial food, where the study showed it is free of cholesterol and contains nutritional value exceeds the nutritional value of most types of
vegetables and fruit.

Ganoderma contents : 

It contains mushrooms all the amino acids needed by the human body, which is the equally well with meat, and is characterized as full of the kinds of proteins, although it vegetarian.

One of the researchers pointed out that the value of this lies in the mushrooms contain a high content of proteins constitute 5% of the fresh fruit weight of it.
A study conducted by researchers in the United States, the fungus mushrooms or what is known as "crow's nest", contains anti-oxidants convergence in efficiency what is found in broccoli and red peppers confirmed.

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, has conducted a study to measure the effectiveness of two anti-oxidants, which are "polyphenols" and "Alaarjotheonayan" and found within this kind of mushrooms.

In comparison with the data of previous research; showing that such material contained on this type of mushroom, the ability to resist many of the oxidizing free articles, convergence efficiency ones in red and broccoli pepper, more than the what is found in carrots and green beans.

It is known for oxidizing substances free, according to several studies indicated that they play an important role in the early appearance of aging parameters, in addition to its role in the injury of many individuals atherosclerotic disease of the arteries and various cancers, as well as they may increase the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.

The study concluded that mushrooms contain many important enzymes that help digestion processes. The analysis has shown that the number of these enzymes up to about 24 enzyme, also contains material is one of the openers appetite and improve the situation, stressing that these ingredients make mushroom food integrated but its importance not return to it only, but go beyond to be considered as a medicine, because the mushrooms because it contains vitamins "B" it helps protect the body from infections, skin and mucous membranes and intestines, which results when the lack of this vitamin in the body as that of folic acid found it protects the body of blood or anemia poverty.

What are the benefits of Ganoderma ( Red Mushroom ) :

Benefits of Red Mushrooms is to reduce the proportion of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, as well as the revitalization of the pancreas and balance the level of sugar in the blood. Maintaining not break the platelet. Stimulate the immune system in the body and raise capacity. Maintaining the cell tissue .tojer of aging on the skin marks. And it reduces the chances of developing Alzheimer's disease Helps in blood thinners and reduce the chances of blood clots .iozan blood pressure in the body through the expulsion of toxins and excess salt in the body. It helps prevent the formation of tumors in the body by increasing the proportion of oxygen in the blood and increase the proportions of antioxidants in the body .

Ganoderma (Red mushroom) components:

Polyurethane Skreid (triple bonding sugars). Organic germanium. Adenosine. And acids. They collectively contain more than 200 members of the vitamins, proteins and vital enzymes are formed in 30% liquid substances are Zupan. 65% substances insoluble in organic materials. 5% different materials and elements.
Why do we need to take Ganoderma?
Most pests and diseases caused by chronic imbalance of the body's functions to the lack of dependence on natural healthy eating Manifold and the accumulation of toxins in the body. And Ganoderma has the ability to supply the body with a large and diverse quantity of everything the body needs proteins and salts and vitamins making the body is saturated with all what it needs each of its members and thus rising the body's immunity. Also, red mushroom (Ganoderma) has the ability to detect underlying disease into the body and remove toxins and enable the body to be the best doctor to treat many illnesses by his machine natural immunity.

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